Medical Applications

UAE and Dubai residence visa medical test and fitness certificate procedure, pre-employment medical test. Blood test and X-ray for HIV-Aids, Hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis (TB), leprosy, syphilis, pregnancy.

All expat residents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and other UAE emirates are required to go for a series of health and medical checks as part of their UAE residence visa application process. They must do the tests in the UAE at a government medical facility, not a private one.

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  1. Original passport with valid entry visa, and copy of information and visa pages.
  2. Two (2) recent passport size photos.
  3. Government issued health card if you have one.
  4. For visa renewal bring labor card and/or Emirates ID card and/or another UAE government issued ID card.
  5. Employment offer letter or contract if you have one.

City Time Businessmen Services helps to apply for Medical fitness services. Please contact us to know the package costs.


  • Regular (All categories excluding female household domestic service)
  • Regular (Female household domestic service)
  • 24hrs (All categories excluding female household domestic service)
  • 24hrs (Female household domestic services)
  • 48hrs (All categories excluding household domestic service)
  • 48hrs (Female household domestic service)
  • 4hrs all categories excluding household domestic service
  • 4hrs (Female household domestic service)
  • 2hrs (Dubai Land Department Medical Fitness Center‚Äč)
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